Start Building Your Revenue Program Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a revenue program?

Revenue programs bridge go-to-market strategy with front line sales execution. They coordinate sales activities and marketing resources to efficiently and repeatably generate high quality conversations, leads and revenue.

What makes a revenue program effective?

Effective revenue programs are force multipliers of sales productivity. They add sales capacity, competency and/or speed to your system of producing revenue. Culture, data, co-creation, and agility are the keys to building a revenue program that works.

What are some revenue program examples?

Common revenue programs include:

  • Onboarding
  • Enablement
  • Sales Development
  • Channel Partner Sales
  • Enterprise Solution Offerings
  • Compete Programs
  • Technology Usability

When is the best time to engage SalesSmyth?

With a new or under performing business, there is no time like the present. Head Start is our client onboarding accelerator. The focus of Head Start is getting to know your team and business so we can develop a clear set of options for you to consider. After Head Start, we can continue coaching your leaders or we can shift into an operating arrangement.